PASS Bracing is proud to be an approved provider for the Workplace Safety Insurance Board , Ontario Disability Support Program, and Ontario Works orthopaedic bracing claims. We submit the necessary information to WSIB/ODSP/OW on your behalf. 

Steps to submitting a claim: 

1) Book an appointment to pick out the appropriate product for your condition. 

2) Bring any information you have about your claim including: 

     - Signed prescription from a Medical Doctor or a signed note from your physiotherapist - please note           that some claims will not accept physio notes. 

     -Specific information about your claim such as: member ID, claim #, and caseworker name

3) The staff will submit information on your behalf to the appropriate policy

4) Your caseworker will contact us directly within a few days to a few weeks to let us know if the product is approved or denied. 

5) Return to the store for product pickup once we contact you and sign a form stating you received the product.